6 Reasons Why the Deskbar Applet Kicks Ass

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http://feedproxy.google.com – I'm not new to the Deskbar applet. I've seen it on numerous websites, and have seen its praises as well, but I've never actually been too interested on using it. I was a fool. A couple of days back I started noticing that a lot of program icons were clogging up my top panel. I had them there because that was the fastest way of launching my most used programs. Now that I use the Deskbar applet, all of those icons are gone. What is the Deskbar applet? The Deskbar applet is a small search box that you can attach to your panel which allows you to perform different tasks all by using your keyboard. The Deskbar applet is very similar to programs like Gnome-Do and Quicksilver — except it does things a little differently. 6 Ways the Deskbar Saves you Time The Deskbar applet is such a nice tool because once you get the hang of it, it saves you a lot of time. Here are just a couple of ways that the Deskbar can save you time. 1. Launch programs faster then ever Running a program using Deskbar is as simple as typing the name. You don't even need to type the full name of the program because everytime you type something in the search box, Deckbar does a real-time search for what you're looking for. 2. Google search like a pro Using the "Google Search" extension you can search through Google without ever opening a browser. It does limit the results to the top 9, but it does gives you a link to view the others on your browser as well. 3. Post updates to Twitter instantly If you ever had the urge to post a "I'm eating ham" update on Twitter, you can now do that without ever leaving your desktop. 4. Send e-mails by typing an e-mail address If you have an account selected on Evolution or Thunderbird, you can use Deskbar to send an e-mail by typing the e-mail address you want to contact. 5. Find any file, fast If you ever had to look for a file on your computer the old fasion way, then you already know it could take as much as half an hour to find. With Deskbar, the only thing you need to do is type the name of the file and it will find it for you. 6. Jump to any folder without clicking I have a couple of regular folders which I always go to which are located on my "Places" menu. If I ever have to go any further then those folders, then I have to do a couple of more clicks to get there. Now with Deskbar, the only thing I do is type and press Enter. Like I said before, these are just a couple of ways that Deskbar can help you save time. It can even calculate simple equations, search through Wikipedia for you, and even make you toast. Okay. I was lying about the toast part, but Deskbar is still pretty damn close. (HowTos)