6 Applets You Never Used (But Should Be Using)

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http://feedproxy.google.com – How many applets are currently on your panel? Only the default ones that Ubuntu brought? Yes, well, I have to tell you something. Wake up! Your missing on the (almost) action-filled adventures of applets. There are so many applets included by default on Ubuntu, and that can be installed, that there's surely an "app(let) for that". The Applets Which You Shamelessly Ignored 1. The Disk Mounter Whenever you plug in an MP3 or a USB drive, two icons pop up. One in your desktop, and one in the "Places" menu. Forget about those two. The Disk Mounter applet is an applet which shows your mounted volumes as little icons on your panel, which is a much cleaner approach then the two other methods. If you're using the "Disk Mounter", I recommend disabling the volume icons on your desktop (no reason for three different ways to get to the same place). 2. The Drawer If your a shortcut-a-holic like me, the "Drawer" applet is truly a blessing. The Drawer applet is a little box-like applet which holds other shortcuts and applets inside it. 3. Force Quit Whenever a program used to gray-out (freeze), I normally would have thrown a tantrum and clicked the close button using my mouse like no tomorrow. Now that I have the "Force Quit" applet, I now throw a tantrum, but use the Force Quit applet to close the rebellious applet to oblivion. 4. Tomboy If you're not familiar with "Tomboy", then you're missing out. Tomboy is a little note-taking applet which allows you to save notes for later reference. There are numerous plugins for Tomboy which makes this simple applet a necessity for obsessive note-takers. 5. Sticky Notes It may look very out-dated, but the "Sticky Notes" applet is still a very useful applet to have on your panel. Using the Sticky Notes applet, you can write little sticky notes all over your desktop. It's perfect for important messages, notes, and motivation quotes (" Start off every day with a smile and get it over with.") 6. Weather Report A very simple and straight-to-the point applet. The "Weather Report" applet does exactly what its title says, gives you the weather report about your city in your panel. (HowTos)