4GB SSD not found after using GParted

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey. I have this old Eee 900, the one with one 4GB SSD soldered straight on the motherboard and one additional 16GB SSD via PCI Express Mini, which has been running Fedora 11 fine for about six months. Then I finally got the time to update to Fedora 12. When I go through a clean install I always backup what I need, then use Gparted to delete everything on the drives before I start the install via an external DVD-drive (since the Eee 900 doesn't have CD/DVD ROM). But this time Fedora 12 said there was a problem with the drive. I could try re-initializing it, and I did, but got a input-output error on the 4GB disk. When I then boot up GParted again the whole 4GB disk has disappeared. It's still found in Bios, and XP (when installed) find the disk in Device manager, but doesn't have permission to do anything. XP doesn't find the drive when XP is being installed. Ubuntu also wont install properly, but doesn't give out anything like Fedroa did (that might be useful) Does anyone of you have idea what I can do to get this 4GB disk working again? Installing any OS on the 16GB SSD isn't an option seeing how that SSD somehow has ridiculous write and read speeds (no matter the OS) compared to the 4GB disk. I tried saving the error output from Fedora, but after it's stored to root - Desktop the whole installation stops and I'm back to a empty 16GB disk. The fedora install wouldn't let me save the log to a external device of any kind. Tried installing Fedora 11 again, but I get the same error. Any ideas? :) --- Computerphile (HowTos)