3G-modem for Linux supporting USB 3.0

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I've laptop with three USB3.0-ports.OS is Linux Mint 13 (yeah, it's Ubuntu-based). My modem Huawei E1552/E1800 could work in two modes: 1) as flash with drivers 2) modem The device is operating as modem and seen in Network Manager if only it's attached before OS loading. If after, it's detected as flash. The all mine attempts and games with usb_modeswitch are in vain and wasn't came to good. So I would like to ask if there are such modems' model (it's not important what the manufucturer is): 1) that have single operating mode (modem) or 2) if it has 2 modes, I'll be able to swich dev (HowTos)