16 things that could be improved in Ubuntu 10.04 (Linux Today)

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http://linuxbizz.com – OMG Ubuntu: “In this post I’m going to list 16 things that I think could be improved in Lucid. I’m going to try my best to address the issues in detail and offer solutions. Of course, all of this is also a matter of opinion too. The object of this post is to make you think about ways we could improve each one.” (read the story…) Related items The Direction Of Intel Graphics With Fedora 13 Alpha (Linux Today) Ubuntu Dumps the Brown (TechNewsWorld.com) Build Your Own Video Community With Lighttpd And FlowPlayer (Debian Lenny) (Linux Today) Meet Ubuntu Linux’s new CEO (Q&A) (CNET) Two front ends for Clamav (Linux Today) (General)