11.38 backup system falls apart consistently; multiple gtar errors and failures to back up.

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http://forums.cpanel.net – I let the new backup script run automaticly after configuring things thusly: Type: compressed Frequency: daily (every day) and monthly (1st) Destinations: local directory (/backup), local directory (/root/Dropbox/server - for redundancy) Backing up account and system files. Backing up MySQL per account and the entire directory. Retaining local backups, as well as depositing them into Dropbox. Examining the backup log, everything pretty much falls apart from step 1. Exerpt pasted below: /bin/gtar: Removing leading `/' from member names /bin/gtar: /var/lib/mysql/rsgames_ZGP/ChatLog.MYD: fi (HowTos)