11.2 Task Scheduler jams on 'sudo rm' command w/0bytes free

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, Has anyone tried the new Task Scheduler which integrates kcron? I have created many tasks which kick start different shell scripts at different moments. Most of them are 'rsync' scripts for backup or other archiving process. But one of them is a cleandrive script, which is written the following: Code: cd / sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/0bits bs=20M sudo rm /0bits done I have tried with 'exit' instead of 'done' and nothing at all as well. Running this manually generates no problem. Running with Code: sh cleandrive.sh generates no problem. But using the Task Scheduler, either by clicking on RUN NOW button or letting the schedule do it, the script jams on the 'rm' command for about 2mins until it ends it and I have a hard time killing it as the process 'rm' does not kill, I have to find a parent process or something. When it jams, it writes constantly on the drive (don't know what, cuz I have 0bytes of free space, must be some kind of loop) and it crashes plasma and my screen becomes all black. I have 0bytes free on the root partition for 2mins (tmp and home are on other partitions). As you notice, I do not have the usual Code: #!/bin/bash or Code: #!/bin/sh at the beginning of my script. Is that the problem? Is cron/task scheduler running sh or bash by default and it should be the other one for my script? I will try tonight, but curious to understand how it could jams 2mins on the 'rm' command and not on another one. Not sure #!/bin/bash or sh will solve the problem either. tnx :) (Distributions)