11.2 Gnome screensaver privacy issue

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I'm running 11.2 with Gnome and have noticed a pretty serious privacy issue. I have the screensaver configured on my system configured to blank and lock the screen. Whenever I leave my desk I lock the screen using the lock applet however if I am away long enough and if there is a maximized application it appears on top of the screensaver at some point. Interacting with the screen, by moving the mouse for example, causes the screen to blank again and require a password to be entered, however it gives someone the opportunity to view whatever happens to be on the screen at the moment. To workaround this I have taken to minimizing all my applications first, however I was wondering if this was a known issue and if a patch exists for it as my workaround is getting annoying. I googled for the issue but didn't really turn up anything. (Distributions)