11.2 cifs connection to NAS

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Help please. I have installed 11.2 (64 bit on a laptop running AMD 64 *2)and can not get cifs to work correctly. I have verified my setup with the Swerdna HowTo, and have searched and searched the forums for a similar situation. I have a NAS (Pleiades which does not support Unix Extensions) Under 11.0 I have to disable LinuxExtensions and mount the drive in a separate script at boot time. Now with the nounix option it looks promsingly like itshould work as a normal auto mount. I have played with various firewall settings but at the mo it is off. The mount target /storage has been created with everyone having full access. I can use the remote filesystem in konqueror using smb://ip/storage and it appears OK. Once I mount the same fs using mount.cifs, a view on /storage shows no files. The view using smb now returns different errors depending on how I mount the fs. If I mount with the nounix option, then the error is "Timeout error" (returned in milliseconds and the timeouts are large, so unlikely a valid message), but if I mount in a script, remove nounix, and mount in 11.0 style: precede the mount with echo 0 > proc/fs/cifs/LinuxExtensionsEnabled, then the error is "Internal Error" additional: "Unknown error condition in stat. No data available". Now the interesting thing after mount is that even though I appear to have no read access to the directory, I have write access. I can create a new file or directory and while I dont see it in Linux, it has indeed been created on the NAS. Driving me bananas. Any ideas? (Distributions)