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http://www.linuxquestions.org – hi folk,, i have a question,,look at below Code: str="linux windows mac" read a b c <<<$str echo $a linux echo $b windows echo $c mac this is do well,,,BUT Code: str=`cat /etc/passwd|sed -n '1p'` echo $str root:x:0:0:aictc,sharif university,6666666,6666666:/root:/bin/bash IFS=: read a b c d e f g <<<$str echo $a root x 0 0 aictc,sharif university,6666666,6666666 /root /bin/bash echo $b b is Empty,,but a have all str without IFS you see,,After I sed IFS(input field separator) to ":",, hear String do odd,, can anyBOdy kNow about it's secret??? :scratc (HowTos)