Carl Albing, Michael Schwarz

"Why another book on Java? Why a book on Java and Linux? Isn’t Java a plat-
form-independent system? Aren’t there enough books on Java? Can’t I learn
everything I need to know from the Web?
No doubt, there are a host of Java books on the market. We didn’t wake
up one morning and say, “You know what the world really needs? Another book
about Java!” No. What we realized was that there are a couple of “holes” in the
Java book market.
First, Linux as a development platform and deployment platform for Java
applications has been largely ignored. This is despite the fact that the *nix
platform (meaning all UNIX and UNIX-like systems, Linux included) has long
been recognized as one of the most programmer-friendly platforms in existence.
Those few resources for Java on Linux that exist emphasize tools to the exclu-
sion of the Java language and APIs.
Second, books on the Java language and APIs have focused on"

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Author:Carl Albing, Michael Schwarz
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