Serving multiple SSL Websites from a limited number of IPs using load balancers?

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http://serverfault.com – We currently host multiple sitecore sites on a rackspace cloud server, we have 5 sites, with 5 IPs and with 5 SSLs. Because rackspace will only allow 4 additional IPv4 addresses on a box we're at the limit of what we can do. Also with Sitecore licencing costs being somewhat astronomical we're trying to investigate how we can expand our solution without having to purchase another software licence. Our setup is currently simple, 1 Rackspace cloud Server www.1site1.com x.x.x.1 SSL1 www.2site2.com x.x.x.2 SSL2 www.3site3.com x.x.x.3 SSL3 www.4site4.com x.x.x.4 SSL4 www.5site5.com x.x.x.5 SS ()