AP Clients not pingable from outside

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http://serverfault.com – Here's a rough scheme of my network: - http://i.stack.imgur.com/zrlJJ.png The network is divided into VLANs. The linksys device is connected to a VLAN20 access port. Clients 4, 3, 2 ping the rest of the network just fine, but Client 1 and DC can ping the linksys ap, but can't ping clients 4, 3, 2. What's wrong? EDIT: Here's a brief on net config: Router 1 divides the network into VLANs 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 111 and has the corresponding addresses in these subnets:,, etc. All the VLANs except the 111 one are routed between each other. Switches ()