Is Linux better than Windows web hosting?view story

http://tips4linux.com – People often get confused on which OS is better on getting the best performance or what’s best suited for a website. And this question is often debatable since it usually depends on what programs or scripting language you are planning to run on your website. But we still can’t deny the fact that Linux is the more popular choice of many on the web. Why wouldn’t it be? (HowTos)

Fennec pre-alpha released for Android as Flash waits in wingsview story

http://www.linuxfordevices.com – Mozilla has released a pre-alpha version of its Mobile Firefox (code-named & Fennec& ) web browser for Android 2.1. Meanwhile, Google's VP of engineering Andy Rubin told The New York Times that Adobe Flash will be available on Android 2.2 (& Froyo& ) later this year, and that Android will inevitably surpass the BlackBerry and the iPhone.... (Embedded)

What is Firewall Builder? Introduction to new release 4.0view story

http://www.go2linux.org – Introduction to Firewall Builder 4.0 Vadim Kurland - vadim (at) fwbuilder {dot} org (HowTos)

Microsoft releases public preview of Windows Home Server 2.0view story

http://apcmag.com – Now available for download, Microsoft’s second-edition home server OS moves to a 64-bit platform and sports remote media streaming over the Web plus a streamlined UI. (IT news)

Web-based BitTorrent monitoring site -- scarily real, or fantastically fake?view story

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Built-in Account Manager coming to Firefox, heralds a new age of security and convenienceview story

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The Perfect Server - OEL 5.4 [ISPConfig 3]view story

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Ubuntu and Debian Security Applications Reviewview story

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How to Pass RH253 Exam?view story

http://lpilinux.com – The Red Hat Network services and security Administration test measures an individual’s actual ability to install, configure, and attach a new Red Hat Linux system to an existing production network. Before taking the RH253 certification exam, you should practice the following: (HowTos)

Nokia N8 Launched – Features, Specifications, Photos, Videos and Priceview story

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