Bumblebee Configurator GUI: Front-End for the Bumblebee Configuration Filesview story

http://ubuntuportal.com – Bumblebee Configurator GUI is an apps based on Python and development by Alessandro Facciorusso. it allow linux user easily set up and manage Bumblebee/Nvidia Optimus through a simple graphical interface. (Software)

Bumblebee 3.1 Tumbleweed Released: Bring Support for NVIDIA Optimus Technologyview story

http://ubuntuportal.com – Bumblebee 3.1 tumbleweed has been released and announced by The Bumblebee Project Team.The important news of this update is the integrated support for backend Primus, which can – your choice – go to the backend VirtualGL default for optirun. (Resources)

Install nvidia drivers for Jaunty Jackalope Part 2view story

http://tuxfreaks.com – To install Nvidia drivers automatically from the ubuntu hardware drivers section visit part 1 of this post.Its always a dissapointment for the linux users because there are no stable drivers provided by the nvidia people nor they disclose the code to ubuntu developers.But offlate we had three major updates of nvidia binary which is quite satisfactory (HowTos)