How to Learn Embedded Linux (For Free Again)view story

http://www.linuxfoundation.org – In the past few years, the use of Linux in embedded devices has skyrocketed. Televisions, phones, cars, ATMs: you name it, it probably has Linux running in it. At the recent Mobile World Congress, Linux dominated virtually every product announcement: Samsung’s Bada, many new Android phones, the Linux Foundation’s MeeGo project, Palm, and many more. (General)

Korean Researchers Develop Safer Alcohol Which Lessens Hangoversview story

http://www.dailytech.com – Forget carbonation, oxygenation could make your liquid sin a little less harmful... (General)

DOD Allows U.S. Military Personnel, Pentagon to Use Facebookview story

http://www.dailytech.com – The Department of Defense has once again decided to support social networking, but with a few rules... (General)

Apple Sues HTC for Patent Thieveryview story

http://www.linuxinsider.com – Apple has filed a lawsuit against smartphone manufacturer HTC, alleging that the company has infringed on 20 patents related to the iPhone. The complaint cites Google's Nexus One, the T-Mobile G1, the Droid Eris, the Touch Diamond, the Touch Pro2, and the Imagio as examples of infringing devices. (General)

3/2/2010 Daily Hardware Reviews -- AMD 890 GX Editionview story

http://www.dailytech.com – DailyTech's roundup of hardware reviews from around the web for Tuesday... (General)

Apple sues HTC for patent infringements in Android phonesview story

http://rss.feedsportal.com – Apple has taken legal action against HTC claiming that the maker of phones using the open source Android operating system is infringing patents owned by Apple (General)

Wiseguy Ticket Scammers Hit with 43-count Federal Indictmentview story

http://www.dailytech.com – Four men charged in online ticket scam... (General)

Ubuntu-Manual Project has a website nowview story

http://linuxers.org – (General)

Apple sues HTC over patent infringementsview story

http://blogs.zdnet.com – Today sees Apple's legal hounds take on handset maker HTC. Apple claims the company is infringing on nearly two dozen iPhone patents. (General)

Linux from Scratch 6.6 has arrivedview story

http://rss.feedsportal.com – The Linux from Scratch project has published a new version of its building instructions for Linux that includes updated system components (General)

Samba 3.5 release includes experimental SMB2 supportview story

http://rss.feedsportal.com – The new version is the first stable release to support the SMB2 protocol and 100 nanosecond timestamps (General)

Thunderbird 3.0.3 fixes display errors in previous versionview story

http://rss.feedsportal.com – Mozilla has released version 3.0.3 of Thunderbird to correct a display error in version 3.0.2 which made local folders invisible (General)