XSD to XML using .netview story

http://www.daniweb.com – vb.net: I have a task to take the given xsd file and use that to validate my generated xml file. But now this xsd file has complex type attributes and I cant get to append this complex type to my declared xmlnode. My Code: Dim namespaceURI As String = "http://www.blabla.za" Dim odoc As New XmlDocument (General)

Could you tell me what is / are wrong of the coding?view story

http://www.daniweb.com – Dear All, Could you tell me what is / are wrong of the coding? Cheers, Attached Files MyAssignment.zip (42.7 KB) Demo.zip (325.5 KB) (General)

Flexcube Problemview story

http://www.daniweb.com – i am trying to simulate an alert for transaction being done on a bank account as my project but the person i asked to help me told me that using flexcube all i need is to execute the code below it would create a table OUTMESG which my own code. (General)

consent crashingview story

http://www.daniweb.com – everytime i start my pc it crashes after 2miutes no matter what i do, no error message just stops responding then i restart it, it fails to start, then i restart it again its fine ? why is this? (General)

Limit on Integer 2-dimensional arrays?view story

http://www.daniweb.com – I was trying out a 2-dimensional integer array on a UNIX box. I hit up a 'Segmentation Fault' on trying to run it. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main() {         int matrix[2000][2000];         int i, j;         srand ( 1 ); (General)

Diff betn Macros and Inlineview story

http://www.daniweb.com – Hi All, What all the difference between Macros and Inline functions. Why do they prefer inline functions? When Do macros come in use? What are the disadvantages of Macros and inline functions? thanks in advance (General)

XML File Creation using Pythonview story

http://www.daniweb.com – Hi, I am very very new to python and in my application I have to create an XML file. Please any one help on this issue Regards, Naresh (General)

Unable to detect DHCP IPview story

http://www.daniweb.com – hi guys, does any one encounter this problem. Win vista unable to detect a dhcp ip, but if manually configure the IP settings able to connect to internet. any ideas why unable to detect dhcp ip? thank you. (General)

"Cannot open the audio device.view story

http://www.daniweb.com – Another application may be using it." is triggered when I try to play a sound file (wav) when the speakers are connected to either of the audio sockets in the motherboard of the PC. Device Manager shows NO problematicals in Sound and Audio category, but DOES show two entries for Other Devices under Other Devices with a question mark through them. (General)

Unsure how to do itview story

http://www.daniweb.com – Hello, I know i'm suppose to ask programming questions but i'm stuck on how to do it in the first place, the question is: You are given 4 information-gross pay, number of extra hours worked, the hourly pay rate, and the income tax rate. Calculate the overtime payment: Overtime payment = extra hours worked * hourly pay rate - deductions (General)

DropDownList in GriedView receive paramaterview story

http://www.daniweb.com – Hi everyone, I've got a DropDownList in Product.aspx when the add to cart button is pressed the value selected is passed onto a stored procedure. What I need help with is in ShoppingCart.aspx I want the selected value on the previous page to be the index on this pages DropDownList. But the DropDownList is in a GridView and therefore I do not know how to do this. (General)

Javascript help. code working on local server but not when uploaded to webhost?view story

http://www.daniweb.com – Hi, I have created a site and on one page it uses 2 divs side by side to display text information. in the left hand div it contains 8 links. these links when clicked load up text stored in separate text files and display it in the right hand div. The code below was working when i ran it from my mac but when i try to load it off the webhost it fails to execute. (General)