Resurrecting Dead Postsview story

http://www.daniweb.com – Is it me or are there loads of members reanimating long-expired threads? Is there a way to automatically close threads say a certain amount of time after the last post? Being faced with 2 year old posts cluttering up my favourite forum is seriously annoying me. If the posters had anything interesting to share it would be something, but they usually spout some inane drivel. (General)

For Each...In Panel1.Controls is skipping controlsview story

http://www.daniweb.com – I wanted to delete all of the TextBoxes that I put on a form that start with "tbx". The below code only deleted some of them.         For Each ctl As Control In Panel1.Controls     If ctl.Name.StartsWith("tbx") Then         ctl.Dispose()     End If Next (General)

I need to build like Team Viewerview story

http://www.daniweb.com – hi frdz., I am doing my final year MCA as i have to do my project and i have to do remote desktop... Which would need to work like team viewer. i need to connect Remote desktop to internet. (General)

TCP Client Server issueview story

http://www.daniweb.com – Hi, I've got two programs (client and server) using sockets. The program are working fine if I set the client IP to local host ( or the LAN IP (, but can't connect if the IP is set to external Internet IP (92.24.xxx.xxx). Anyone have an ideea, please? Thanks! (General)

Taking Linux into the Wild Woodsview story

http://linuxo.com – Raiden's Realm: "One of the things that's been wandering around my mind lately (one of thousands) is the thought of the wild woods. In other words, places in the world that are away from civilization, away from the normal creature comforts of daily life, such as areas in Northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia, sections of Africa, and others like that." (General)

Taking Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix out for a Spinview story

http://linuxo.com – IT News Today: "I’ve actually been using UNR for a couple of months now. When I first started playing with it, I didn’t even own a Netbook, so instead I tried it out on a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop. About a month later, I was gifted a Dell Mini 10 netbook, which afforded me the opportunity to try UNR in it’s intended environment." (General)

Quake Live – What is going on after an year ?view story

http://reviewglitz.com – Quake Live celebrated its first birthday with about 60 million games played. Quake Live was a tremendous success in the browser world games and the main reason is that Quake live has managed to move a fully fledged 3D gaming to the network without the need to install additional software or take out a license. (General)

Red Hat extends Szulik’s term (The News & Observer)view story

http://linuxbizz.com – Red Hat is keeping Matthew Szulik around at least a little longer. (read on…) (General)

Google open source guru says Android code will be in Linux kernel in time (Linux Today)view story

http://linuxbizz.com – ZDNet: “Google’s Android code will assume its rightful place in the Linux kernel — in good time, the company’s top open source guru says.” (more here…) (General)

Kubuntu Linux 10.04 Alpha 3 Lucid Lynx 64bit with KDE 4.4 Screencastview story

http://linuxfilesystem.com – Kubuntu Linux 10.04 Alpha 3 Lucid Lynx 64bit with KDE 4.4 SC Review Screencast Original video production by the www.OSGUI.com Tech Show. (General)

Setting an autonumber to specific format? help pls need suggestion :)view story

http://www.daniweb.com – Hi guys.. Im still working on my project, it is a payment and enrollment system. Ive been thinking what to do with the Student ID since it requires a format like xx-xxxx, its possible that ill make two fields right? i mean the first xx on xx-xxxx to make it as a the last two digits on year? i mean like on 2010 it will be 10-xxxx then ill make the last for a autonumber? (General)

Can not remove w/ add/removeview story

http://www.daniweb.com – I installed a software program called My World ( a GIS program from PASCO Scientific). Somehow I have ended up w/ two versions - 4.17 and 5.0 on my computer and I can not open either version. I get a Java startup error. I can not delete either program from the add/remove program in the control panel. What do I do? (General)