[all variants] A 'generic' xorg.conf for multiple screens.view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Initially X does not use xorg.conf. So suppose I have a certain monitor installed with the system, then X will be set in accordance to that monitor. If I change the monitor after a reboot, what problems will I face?...will X work properly? How does X handle this situation? (Hardware)

Linux Mint 8 "Helena" Xfce releasedview story

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Booting Centos 5.4 Issueview story

https://www.centos.org – Hi, I have been using CentOS 5. for around 3 months. It was all fine and was having a pleasant experience using CentOS.Today when i turned on my computer and booted CentOS i am h... [by Navin] (Distributions)

[ubuntu] need help, Acer Aspire 4740G VGA driverview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I recently migrate from wi**ows to ubuntu 9.10. My laptop is Acer Aspire 4740G which VGA is Nvidia GeForce 310M. I need the VGA driver. Please help me. Sorry about my english. (Hardware)

Problems importing pics and related softwareview story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey All. I've realy got myself in corner and I don't think I can Google my way out of it anymore. My goal is to import and organize photos from my SD Card I have a built in SD Card Reader on my Toshiba Satellite A205 with Fedora 12 installed 1st: I tried to just use gThumb but some of the images wouldn't render after import. (HowTos)

How to put windows to sleep (standby, suspend) remotely from Linux?view story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello everyone, I have been working on this problem for a few month. By messing with windows registry and local security policies I was able to remotely shut down windows from Linux by issuing: Code: net rpc SHUTDOWN -C "comments" -f -I xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -U username%password (HowTos)

Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Desktopview story

http://linuxfilesystem.com – A video of my desktop showing off desktop effects and other nice applications The music is five Finger death - The way of the fist if you like it please dont steal it, buy it - www.amazon.co.uk Give ubuntu a go here - www.ubuntu.com The GTK theme i use is Infinity which you can get [...] (General)

gksu errorsview story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi All, Anyone what this gksu error is about (it repeats it three times) Many thanks, -T gksu-2.0.0-1.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm # gksu ls (HowTos)

F12 Failed primary boot driveview story

http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello, I have a failed primary ( /dev/sda ) boot drive. I am running in a mirror raid /dev/sda and /dev/sbc Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sdc1 1 45 358400 fd Linux raid autodetect /dev/sdc2 46 108 506047+ 82 Linux swap / Solaris (HowTos)

[other_os] Sound Card Recommendationview story

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[ubuntu_studio] Mouse,Keyboard and Joystick misbehaving in Lucid Lynxview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – In resume, can't press more than 3 keys on the keyboard for combination, something happens and some keys stop responding (if already pressed), mouse gives more than one click (like 7 clicks at time) at pressing any mouse's buttons, and finally, my game joystick is also controlling the cursor which is the oddest part. can i ask for help? (Hardware)

[ubuntu] Is Intel Extreme Graphics Shared video memory suppored for Desktops Effects?view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – My friend is giving me an old computer and I checked online for the specs and it has an Intel Extreme Graphics Shared video memory for it's Video Card. Link is here for specs: http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/ema...-31315075.html Is it supported for desktop effects? (Hardware)