10 mags and papers to read on your iPadview story

http://apcmag.com – The iPad's popularity as an e-book reader may be rivaled by its potential to transform the magazine and newspaper publishing industries. We run down some of the best iPad reads. (IT news)

Measuring the popularity of distros – Part 2 Google Trendsview story

http://thelinuxblog.net – Yesterday I did a post about using the Distrowatch rankings to measure the popularity of various distros. (Distributions)

Video tour of the new Bondi Junction Apple Storeview story

http://apcmag.com – VIDEO | You really only need to know one thing: the latest Apple store has large trees growing in it. That is all. (IT news)

How To Start, Stop Services In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Automaticallyview story

http://www.liberiangeek.net – Few weeks ago we wrote an article about stopping and starting services in Ubuntu automatically. (HowTos)

iPad! iPad! iPad! Oi! Oi! Oi!: 12 Aussie iPad appsview story

http://apcmag.com – Curious what Australian developers have been doing on the iPad? Here are 12 locally developed apps to check out. (IT news)

13 great iPad accessoriesview story

http://apcmag.com – Your iPad may well become the centre of your digital universe -- so be sure to treat it right with cases, protectors, chargers, docks, and more. Here are 13 to consider. (IT news)

New iPhone Vulnerability Exposes Data to Linuxview story

http://www.maximumpc.com – A new report from security expert Bernard Marienfeldt illustrates a fairly big security hole in the way the iPhone secures user data. When plugged into a Windows or OSX box, and iPhone will only display the DCIM pictures folder. (General)

Firefox Sync Coming 'Home' to iPhoneview story

http://redir.internet.com – No it's not Firefox for the iPhone, but Mozilla is making an effort to enable Firefox users to integrate with Apple's technology. (General)

Foxconn Makes Employees Promise Not to Kill Themselvesview story

http://www.dailytech.com – Letter comes after yet another employee jumped/fell (General)

Ubuntu Control Center (ucc) - Simple tool for ubuntu administrationview story

http://www.ubuntux.org – Ubuntu Control Center or UCC is an application inspired by Mandriva Control Center and aims to centralize and organize in a simple and intuitive form the main configuration tools for Ubuntu distribution. UCC uses all the native applications already bundled with Ubuntu, but it also utilize some third-party apps like “Hardinfo”, “Boot-up Manager”, “GuFW” and “Font-Manager”. (Distributions)

4.0 - very good (ATI x1950pro)view story

http://ubuntuhcl.org – Using open source drivers (the ones that can be used) with Ubuntu 10.04 I noticed this new features: No tearing (vertical sync on) No more problem with Compositing Compiz works great not great performance in 3D but enough with games \"Quake3\" engi... (Hardware)

5.0 - works perfectly (HP 530)view story

http://ubuntuhcl.org – The one and only thing I\'ve made was to install Ubuntu.After that all works great. (Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit) (Hardware)