gpick- an advanced color picker

Are you still using Gcolor2? It is time to remove it and install powerful color picker-gpick. Gpick is really a powful color picker with fantasic features:


Fast color picking
Magnified screen area
Magnification from 2 to 10 times
Colors automatically named
Closest color name is found using CIE94 color difference function, which is closer to the way humans interpret color differences, than difference of red, green and blue color amounts
Palette export function
Inkscape/Gimp Palette (*.gpl)
Adobe Swatch Exchange (*.ase)
Alias/WaveFront Material (*.mtl)
Picked colors can be copied to clipboard in multiple formats
Hexadecimal notation - #rrggbb
Three-digit RGB notation - rgb(red, green, blue)
Three-digit HSL notation - hsl(hue, saturation, lightness)
Oversampling with five falloff types
Multiple pixel values are averaged to help picking colors from sources with noise, patterns and etc, where each pixel is different and overall color is produced by different amounts of particular color
Mix two or more colors using variable number of steps and different mixing types
Create lightness and/or saturation variations
Create harmonious colors

gpick not only can run on Linux but also can run on windows based on GTK+ libraries.



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