Installing WMware on Arch Linux

Arch Linux doesn't offer WMware, and it is difficult to install WMware by compiling source on Arch Linux due to its different service setting in /etc,so we need to install it by yaourt
Step 1, download VMware-workstation-6.0.x-xxxxx.i386.tar.gz and copy it to /tmp/yaourt-tmp-yourusername/aur-vmware-workstation-modules/vmware-workstation-modules/

Step 2, implement below command  on Terminal

$ yaourt -S vmware-workstation //.Yaourt will download PKGBUILD from AUR ,as vmware-workstation depends on vmware-workstation-modules,so need to configure vmware-workstation-modules first

Step 3, once you have done step2,you still have to copy VMware-workstation-6.0.x-xxxxx.i386.tar.gz to ../../../aur-vmware-workstation/vmware-workstation/ again,or you can't go on installing the VMware-workstation.

Step 4, run to configure the WMware-workstation.

NOTE:This method was told by a friend,I haven't test it by myself yet, as I haven't installed a Arch Linux into my VirtualBox(I don't like VMmare :P ),so the method is for reference only.You'd better read official's installtion guide as well (it seems kinda complicated ):

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