Howto install Realpayer 11 and solve scim conflict in linux

008_softThough Realplayer 11 Linux version's function is simple by contrast with its Windows version, I think it is still a way to play mp3,rvmb, rm... files in Linux.Besides, its audio engine really impressed me.

Note:Following steps are based on Ubuntu,but they should work in other distributions as well,of course you need to use your Linux's way to get root permission,since "sudo" is not for every linux distributions.

1.Download the Realplayer 11 from:

save it in your home folder.

2.Open Terminal and implement :

$chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
$sudo ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

and then,you should see below inforamtion:

Welcome to the RealPlayer ( Setup for UNIX
Setup will help you get RealPlayer running on your computer.
Press [Enter] to continue...

Please press the [Enter] to next step:

Enter the complete path to the directory where you want
RealPlayer to be installed. You must specify the full
pathname of the directory and have write privileges to
the chosen directory.
Directory: [/opt/real/RealPlayer]:

Normally ,no need to change the default installation path, please press [Enter] again :

You have selected the following RealPlayer configuration:

Destination: /opt/real/RealPlayer

Enter [F]inish to begin copying files, or [P]revious to go
back to the previous prompts: [F]:

Please enter [F] and [Enter] to finally confirm to install the RealPlyer 11 .

Copying RealPlayer files...Succeeded.
installing application icons resource...
.installing document icons resource...
Configuring Mozilla...
Installing .mo locale files...
Setting selinux context...

RealPlayer installation is complete.
Cleaning up installation files...

3.Solve conflict between Realplayer 11and Scim:

Maybe Scim users can't open the Realplayer 11 due to the confict. You may try this way to sort it out:

$sudo gedit /home/[yourhomefolder]/RealPlayer/realplay

and then ,add below content to the 1st line of the realplay file you opened:

export GTK_IM_MODULE=xim

after you saved the file, please restart the Realplayer 11,it should work.


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