Use Fusion-icon to manage Compiz Fusion in Ubuntu

systemtoolFusion-icon is a tool for  Compiz Fusion which let you control Compiz Fusion easily,for example, you can change the current window decorator between GTK window decorator and Emerald decorator whenever you want,and you also can change current  Window manager whenever you want..etc.

1.install Git version control tool:

sudo apt-get install git git-core compiz-dev fusion-icon by using Git:

git-clone git://

3.go to the Fusion-icon folder( cd fusion-icon) you downloaded and then:

sudo make install



4. Once the installation is completed,you can run the Fusion Icon:

press Alt+F2 to lunch the Run Application,use "fusion-icon" to run the Fusion Icon as below jpeg shows:


5.Set the Fusion icon as a starup program

if you want the Fusion-icon run automatically when booting the system,you need to set it as startup program in System->Preference->Sessions,see below:



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