NVIDIA linux display driver 173.14.09 realsed

nv_logo_footerApparently,NVIDIA is more and more pay much attention to linux field,the NVIDA linux display driver often been updated .It is good news for our linux fans,right?'course we may run more and more game in linux smoothly like in M$ windows.

Release Highlights

  • Fixed aliased font rendering corruption on X.Org server 1.5.
  • Fixed a display corruption problem driving two dual-link DFPs with Quadro FX 1700 GPUs.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented the X driver from starting on some GeForce FX, 6 and 7 mobile GPUs.
  • Fixed a locale-interaction issue in the nvidia-settings X server configuration file parser.
  • Added preliminary support for Linux 2.6.26.

Download the NVIDIA linux display dirver 173.14.09 from :http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/173.14.09/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.09-pkg1.run

Installation: copy the driver to your home folder if it is in elsewhere,and the  implement "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.05-pkg1.run" in the terminal.Moreover,NVIDIA now provides a utility to assist you with configuration of your X server configuration file.

Besides,NVIDIA offers a detail installation guide for Suse user,please see more from here:


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