How to enable dual monitors with ATI diplay card in linux

tipsFirst of all,you need to install ATI official display driver,you may download the newest ATI linux display driver here:

After you have installed the driver successfully,please carry out aticnfig --help in Terminal as follow

# aticonfig --help

then,you should see  information like that:


1. Setting up fglrx for the first time.
Single head : aticonfig --initial --input=/etc/X11/xorg.conf
Dual head : aticonfig --initial=dual-head --screen-layout=above
This command will generate a dual head configuration
file with the second screen located above the first
2. Setting up big desktop to horizontal and set overlay on secondary display.
aticonfig --dtop=horizontal --overlay-on=1
3. Setting up modes for primary display.
aticonfig --resolution=0,1600x1200,1280x1024,1024x768
4. Force primary CRT on and TV-out off.
aticonfig --force-monitor=crt1,notv
5. Change tv geometry
aticonfig --tv-geometry=85x90+10-10
This will set tv to 85% width (where 100% ==
overscan) 90% height and shift 10 pixels right of centre
and 10 pixels down of centre.


and then, implement below two commands :

1.Enable dual monitors mode:

# aticonfig --dtop=horizontal --overlay-on=1

2.Set monitors' resolution:

# aticonfig --resolution=0,1024x768,1024x768


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