Guide to easily install Google Gadgets in Ubuntu

googleGoogle Gadgets is a cross-platform desktop tool sets, for Linux version have been released in recent days. It is useful tool with dozens nice looking gadgets. Let's  install the Google Gadgets in Ubuntu step by step.

Step 1: add Google Gadgets source

Go to System->Administration->  Software Sources,click it to open Software Soures Manager as below:


and then add below sources to Software Sources:

deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main


Note: you can also done this step by adding the sources to sources.list file,to open the sources.list, you just need to  run this command :sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list on the Terminal.

Step 2:Install the Google Gadgets

Before installing,we need to update the sources,just carry out  command: sudo apt-get update ,after done it.We can install the the Google Gadgets by running command: sudo aptitude install google-gadgets



Step3:Run Google Gadgets at first time

Once the installation is completed,you can run the Google Gadgets at first time by carring out command: ggl-gtk , in this process ,Google Gadgets will update its data:


then, you will see the Google Gadgets icon already on Notification Area :


Right click the icon,then click Add gadgets, you now see Google Gadgets interface:


ok,  you can start to add the gadgets now.

Step 4: Let Google Gadgets  start up when booting system

We still need to let Google Gadgets start up automatically when booting the system so that we don't need to run it by hand every time.Please go to  System->Preference->Sessions, add a new start up problem name Google Gadgets as below :



Lastly,please see my desktop with Google Gadgets:)


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