Audio-convert-mod a tool for converting audio file in linux

008_softAudio-convert-mod is a simple audio file converter supporting many supports MP3、OGG、FLAC、WAV、AAC/MP4/M4A、MAC/Monkey’s Audio/APE、MPC (Musepack)、WV (wavpack) etc audio file formats To use Audio-convert-mod to convert audio file is very easy thing,just needs 3 steps.


Dowload and Installation:,en/

Note:Author doesn't offer  deb package for Audio-convert-mod for downloading,if your OS is deb base such as Ubuntu,Debian.etc,you can download the rpm package ,and then use Alien to convert it to be deb package for easy installing.

Convert the audio file via Audio-convert-mod

First of all, you need to click Aduo-conver-mod's menus File->Show format Capabilities to check if you have install relevant decodes,if haven't,you must install them first.mp3 needs lame,Flac needs flac... .

Following I converted a ogg file to mp3 format as a example:

Step 1. add the ogg file to Audio-convert-mod


Step Next to audio convert setting(choose output format,quality.etc)


Step Next,the file is being converted



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