Squash -tool for resizing images in a batch mode

008_softSquash can adjust pictures' size in batch mode at the same time,it is really very convenient for user who offen need to deal with plenty of pictures. Squash, I felt it deals with the pictures very quickly, as a result of Squash supports multithreading features. In addition, the Squash also support cross-platform, whether it is Linux users, or Windows and Mac users can use it.Installation Squash

Squash is currently offering a deb binary package and source packages. If you use Debian / Ubuntu, it can be downloaded deb package after the installation of the following commands:

Sudo dpkg-i squash *. deb

Other Linux OS users can download the source code to compile Squash:

. / Configure


Please noted that if there are problems when installing Squash , please make sure your Linux system has been installed corresponding Qt4 that Squash requires.

Use Squash

Once Squash has been installed successfully, you then can run " squash" in terminal to load the Squash interface:

Squash's interface is very neat,click Add Image botton to add pics which you need to deal with,and then set the the percentage of adjustment and the preservation directory, click Resize Images can be. In addition, you can also set up according to their own needs, other options, such as file name suffix, such as whether coverage source files.

Download Squash:http://code.google.com/p/squash/downloads/list

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