AstroMenace: a funny Hardcore 3D space shooter game

gameAstroMenace is a funny space shooter game. The game has the following features: the whole 3-D style, supports mouse, keyboard and joystick control, allowing to use scripts to create your own obstacles, cross-platform (including Linux and Windows). In addition, the AstroMenace linux version is completely free, but there are donation tips in the game. For those friends who like games , AstroMenace worthy of a play.

AstroMenace can be ran once uncompresing the package you downloaded. However, before running it ,you must make sure your computer supports 3-D graphics acceleration ,and you have installed libSDL (ver 1.2.6 +), libopenal (ver 1.0 +), libalut (ver 1.0 +), libogg (ver 1.1 +), libvorbis (ver 1.1 +), libvorbisfile (ver 1.1 +), libjpeg (ver 6b +) library. Then, you only need to execute the following commands:

tar jxvf amenace12.tar.bz2
cd astromenace/

besides, AstroMenace has repositoryfor Debian and its derivatives OS so that user install it by APT-GET easily,just add following contents into the / etc / apt / sources.list :## Viewizard Games repository
deb debian/
and then,add the GPG key:

sudo apt-key add viewizard-gpg.asc

Finally, running below commands to install the AstroMenace:

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install astromenace

Download AstroMenace:

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