Speed up loading speed for Openoffice

Do you feel Openoffice's loading speed is slow?Especially for running it on a not very sharp computer.There is way can speed up its loading:~

1, Open the Openoffice Writer.
2, Select menu: Tools->Options,the you will see a dialogue box.
3, Click the option "memory",and change the parameters as below :

Undo->Number of steps:20-30;
Graphic cache->Use for Openoffice: 70-128MB;
->Memory per Object: 20.0MB;
Cache for inserted objects ->Number of object:20;
Openoffice.org Quitstarter ->Enable systray Quitstarter:ticked ;

4, Select Tools->Options->Java
Don't use Java environment,please just un-tick the check box.

OK,please click the "OK" button and then restart openoffice,you will see the change.

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