msnconvert-converting the MSN chat record to Pidgin

msnconvert is a little and useful tool which can convert MSN chat record to Pidgin.msnconver was wrote by C++ and released based on GPL3 license. It needs libxml++2.6 (Debian/Ubuntu user can use "sudo aptitude install libxml++2.6c2a" to install).msnconver's latest release is 0.1.

msnconvert was wrote based on Ubuntu Gutsy environment ,if you use other platform ,you will need to compile source by yourself,just follow the installation guide on make file.

1. If your Pidgin has already use log reader plugin,then you can convert log reader's record directly,but you need to tell msnconvert where the chat records are,normally this category should contains XML file

./msnconvert -u /path/to/msn/history/

2. If you want to convert a specific XML chat record file,for example,you already have a xml file that is chat record with your friend.

./msnconvert -f /path/to/user00234234.xml

Please note that you can't change the name for the xml file,'cause it contains a part of chat records.

msnconvert 0.1 source code
msnconvert 0.1 executable files.

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