Make a live flash for ubuntu (just 6 steps)

Just follow 6 steps,you can make a live flash for Ubuntu!

Preparation: the flash's storage must not be less than 1G,a Ubuntu live CD,relevant knowledge on syslinux.

OK,start doing(pls note you must do following steps in Windows):

  1. Format your flash to be fat32 disk format,use Disk manager to active the flash to be a boot-able flash.
  2. Copy all files of live CD into the flash.
  3. Copy all files of syslinux folder into the flash's root folder.
  4. download the syslinux.exe,and then run it via terminal window by typing this command : syslinux.exe i : (i=your flash) so that writing the syslinux 's booting information into the flash.
  5. Copy attachement:syslinux.cfg into the flash's root folder.
  6. Restart your PC,and go into BOIS and set the boot configuration to be usb-hdd ,exit the BOISE after saving.

OK,all done, you have a 3D desktop in your pocket now!

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